Kaddish Series, #1,2 and 3



Although I have known the Mourner’s Kaddish all my life, it was only recently, that I discovered it was said mostly in Aramaic, and not Hebrew. After the completion of the Aramaic to English series of works, inspired by the Lord’s Prayer, I learned that the two prayers were very similar. To me, it was a verification of the common spiritual roots of Judaism and Christianity. Both are praising the Creator and His Name.

The Mourner’s Kaddish does not speak of death, only of the Greatness of Creation and Creator. I did however; read there are mystical meanings to the Kaddish. Saying the prayer three times daily: morning, noon and night, the Soul is lifted as if on a stepladder, from the material world to the world of Spirit. In scientific terms, one could say that in Death we are transformed from Matter to Energy and returned to the Universe.

Georgette Sosin 2008

Mourner’s Kaddish #1, 7’x7′, acrylic on panels


Details of Mourner’s Kaddish #1




Mourner’s Kaddish #3 (with details), 3’x3′, acrylic on panels