Meditation Place (Triptych)

Georgette Sosin

Fossils, rocks, shells and bones, the remnants of intense life forces, are found in my work as symbols of continuity and transformation. Recent discoveries in physics, biology and astronomy, have challenged my views of reality and mortaltiy. Contemplating these theories has heightened my perception of our planet, ourselves and the interconnections with the Cosmos. Learning about the indestructible, cyclic, and transformative nature of energy and matter has inspired these images. I have used the triptych form in many pieces to denote the sacredness of this vision of our Universe.

Meditation Place, an interactive triptych
Mixed media on wood
6′ high x 3′ wide (closed); 6′ high x 9′ long (open) with base
View with open panels.
In the permanent collection of the Tweed Museum at the University of Minnesota, Duluth, MN
┬ęCopyright G.Sosin