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Paintings by Georgette Sosin
Artists’s Statement: “By looking at the earth from a distance, one can appreciate its beauty and fragility. No boundaries are visible, only the earth and its interconnections with the moon, sun and cosmos. The totem bone forms superimposed on the pieces, represent our ancestors spirits who have much to teach, and who watch and guard our small planet”

“Totem Triptych” acrylic on wood, mixed media, 3 panels, 4′ wide x 4″ ht. 
Click on any of the panels to see a detailed view.
“Rising Moon Guardian” 16″w x 20’ht, acrylic on wood, mixed media.
“Earth Guardian” 16″w x 20″ht, acrylic on wood, mixed media.
“Moon Juggler ” 25“w x 30″ht, acrylic on wood.

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